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Posted by Đỗ Tiến Hải at 27/02/2022

1.High Durability
- Plywood furniture is more and more popular. Industrial plywood furniture products, when manufactured to ensure technical standards, on modern and advanced technological lines, ensure very good durability. There are many premium products that are even more durable than the more expensive conventional hardwoods.

                                        ( The cabinet is made from plywood)

- The manufacturing process is the main factor that helps create the durability of plywood. During the production process, plywood must undergo pressing process under high temperature and great pressure, besides, the composition also contains chemicals to help prevent termites... Not only that, the interior Plywood does not have the risk of cracking or warping like natural wood.

2. Easy to clean and maintain
- The outer surface of the plywood interior is usually covered with a film, which provides both water-proof, moisture-proof, gloss, and prevents staining. In the case of dirt, with the characteristics of a tight, flat and shiny surface, you can quickly clean and sanitize it.

(Use plywood to make the table)

3. Cheap price
The most important advantage makes plywood furniture more and more popular and favored by many customers. Compared with metal furniture or natural wood, plywood furniture has a much lower cost, even half as much. In the relationship between durability and aesthetics, this price is completely appropriate.

( Packing Plywood - TT Plywood )

4. Design
Plywood furniture, although not able to possess the sophisticated carved patterns like natural wood furniture, however, is also very diverse in models, designs and colors, helping to bring you the most comfortable feeling. Choose the most suitable for the area characteristics and interior style.

(The bed is made of plywood)