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Prized not only for its aesthetics but also for its sustainability and versatility in use, plywood has become a popular choice for many modern construction projects. This article will go into the advantages of plywood panels in furniture production.

1. Stable quality

An indispensable strength of plywood is its stable quality. Thanks to modern production processes and strict quality control, plywood is highly durable, less likely to warp or deform over time. This is especially important when used in environments with high humidity or direct contact with water, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. A typical example is that in agriculture or industrial areas, plywood is often used to make floors or storage shelves, ensuring durability in harsh working conditions.


                        The cabinet is made from plywood


2.Diverse in designs and sizes

Plywood can be produced in many different designs and sizes, suitable for many needs and interior design styles. From simple plain plywood panels to patterned plywood panels, from thick plywood to thin plywood, all are available on the market. This gives designers and architects more choices in creating beautiful and sophisticated interior products. For example, with patterned plywood, you can easily design tables, chairs or bookshelves with a modern and creative style.

Commercial plywood for furniture

         Commercial plywood - TT plywood


3. Termite resistance

One of the biggest problems when using natural wood is the risk of termite attack. However, plywood is often treated with special chemicals to resist termites and other harmful insects. This helps increase the lifespan of interior products and reduce maintenance and repair costs. For example, in residential or office construction projects, using termite-resistant plywood floors or ceilings will help maintain the durability and beauty of the building for a long time.

Film faced plywood for furniture

       Film faced plywood - TT plywood


4. Reasonable price and cost savings

One of the outstanding advantages of plywood is its lower price compared to many types of natural wood. A more efficient and less expensive plywood manufacturing process reduces overall production costs, thereby reducing product costs. The use of plywood for furniture thus becomes an economic and effective choice, especially in the context of increasing natural wood prices and limited supply. Furthermore, due to its high sustainability and long-term durability, plywood furniture products often have a long lifespan, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs. For example, when using high-quality plywood for office furniture projects, not only does it save on initial costs, but it also minimizes maintenance costs throughout its life.

Packing plywood for furniture

        Packing plywood - TT plywood


With advantages such as low cost, resistance to cracking and warping, light weight, easy customization and construction, high aesthetics and variety of finishes, and environmental friendliness, plywood Pressing is truly a great choice for furniture. Hopefully the above information will help you have more ideas and motivation to create a comfortable and beautiful living space with furniture products from plywood.


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