Posted by Trịnh Quang Anh at 04/06/2024

In the transportation and storage industry, using appropriate packaging materials is important to ensure safety and efficiency during transportation. Among them, plywood packaging is a smart and popular choice chosen by many businesses. So why should you use packing plywood? Let's find out in the article below.



1. Flexibility and diversity of packing plywood

Various sizes and thicknesses

Packing plywood can be produced in many different sizes and thicknesses, thereby serving the diverse packaging needs of industries. Whether packaging compact goods or large bulky products, plywood packaging can still meet the needs.

Flexibility and ease of use

With its flexible nature and ease of processing, packaging plywood can be cut and processed to specific sizes to suit each specific type of goods. This helps optimize the packaging process and protect goods in the most effective way.

2. Good durability and strength

Outstanding quality

Packing plywood is usually produced from quality woods, through pressing and technical processing, ensuring good durability and strength. This helps protect goods from impact and external pressure during transportation.

Ability to withstand great gravity

With the ability to withstand high gravity, packing plywood is used to package heavy or bulky goods that require a layer of packaging material with good bearing capacity.

3.Protect goods well

Resists moisture and termites

Packing plywood is often treated to be moisture-proof and termite-proof, helping to protect goods from harmful environmental factors during transportation and storage.

Ensuring safety of goods

With its sturdy and durable properties, packing plywood ensures the safety of goods during the process of traveling from one place to another. This helps minimize the risk of damage or loss of goods during transportation.

4. Reasonable price and cost savings

Low production costs

With easy-to-find materials and simple production processes, plywood packaging has low production costs, helping businesses save on packaging costs.

High durability helps save costs

The high durability of reusable plywood packaging helps reduce the cost of renewing packaging materials, thereby helping businesses save costs in the long term.


Using packing plywood not only brings flexibility and diversity in the packaging process but also ensures safety and saves costs for businesses. With such outstanding advantages, packing plywood is definitely a smart choice for all businesses operating in the field of freight transportation.


With more than 10 years in the profession of manufacturing and importing and exporting plywood, Truong Thinh is confident in providing customers with quality products, services and the most reasonable prices on the market.

 - Owning a packaging plywood factory in Phu Tho province, TTP confidently brings customers products with the best quality and service.
 - In particular, we always carefully check each board before receiving the goods to ensure that the goods are not defective for customers
 - Capacity can meet the large volume of your orders

 If you need to package plywood products, please contact us for the best price.


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