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Plywood is a popular material in construction and furniture production. Many people ask whether plywood is waterproof, and if so, what type of plywood is the best choice for water resistance. This article will answer those questions and provide detailed information about types of waterproof plywood.

1. Is Plywood Waterproof?
Yes, plywood can be waterproof, but this depends on the type of plywood, the surface layer and the quality of glue used in the manufacturing process. Not all types of plywood are waterproof. For plywood to be effective against water, it needs to be produced with water-resistant glue and a professional pressing process.

2. Popular Types of Waterproof Plywood Currently
There are some types of plywood that are specifically designed to be waterproof. Here are the most common types:

Film Faced Plywood:

  • Features: Coated with a layer of waterproof film on the surface, enhancing water resistance and scratch resistance.
  • Application: Often used in construction, especially making concrete formwork.


Moisture Resistant Plywood:

  • Characteristics: Use melamine or phenolic glue, which is moisture and termite resistant.
  • Application: Suitable for areas with high humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms, or exterior areas.

Marine Plywood:

  • Features: Using high-quality phenolic glue, completely water-resistant, resistant to harsh environmental conditions and sea water.
  • Application: Used in shipbuilding, boats, and structures in direct contact with water.

3. Benefits of Waterproof Plywood

High Durability: Waterproof plywood has high strength and durability, and is especially resistant to damage under the impact of water and humidity.

Termite Resistance: High quality plywood is often treated to resist termites, extending product life.

Easy Maintenance: Water-resistant plywood surface is easy to clean and maintain, helping to maintain long-lasting beauty and quality.

4. How to Choose Waterproof Plywood

  • When choosing waterproof plywood, keep in mind the following factors:
  • Check Glue Quality: Choose plywood that uses phenolic or melamine glue to ensure water resistance.
  • Consider the Surface: Film-coated or veneered plywood has a smooth surface and is more resistant to water.
  • Origin: Buy plywood from reputable suppliers to ensure product quality and durability.

5. TT IMPEX.,JSC - Supplier of High Quality Film Faced Plywood, Marine Plywood

TT IMPEX.,JSC is proud to be a leading supplier in the field of film-coated plywood, specializing in providing high quality plywood products with outstanding durability. Truong Thinh's products are made from selected wood materials, using high-quality phenolic glue to enhance water resistance and scratch resistance..

Highlights of Truong Thinh film-coated plywood:

  • In TTP, we have different quality film faced plywood following requirement of the buyers
  • Reused times can be increased to 20 times
  • Withstand in boiling water for many hours without delamination
  • 100% Inspection 1 by 1 sheet before loading


With a commitment to bringing the best products, Truong Thinh Company not only provides high quality film-coated plywood but also gives customers absolute peace of mind and satisfaction.

Plywood can be waterproof if you choose the right type and ensure product quality. Film-faced plywood, moisture-resistant plywood and marine plywood are top choices for use in areas with high humidity or direct contact with water.

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