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In modern life, the choice of construction materials, packaging, furniture and decoration plays an extremely important role. Among popular materials, plywood has emerged as a popular choice thanks to its special superior characteristics. So what advantages does plywood have that attracts such attention? This article will delve into the outstanding features of plywood compared to other materials, bringing you the most comprehensive and detailed view.

What outstanding characteristics does Plywood have compared to other materials?

  • High durability and good bearing capacity

One of the top characteristics of plywood is its high durability and good bearing capacity. This is clearly shown through its special structure. Plywood is created by pressing many thin layers of wood together with specialized glue. These layers of wood are often staggered. This helps increase mechanical durability, minimizing bending or cracking under the impact of strong forces or the environment. For example, when compared to natural wood, plywood is less prone to warping and is better able to withstand loads, which makes it an ideal choice for projects that require durability and stability. high as floors, furniture or architectural structures.


Commercial plywood


  • Moisture resistant and termite resistant

Another outstanding advantage of plywood is its outstanding moisture resistance and termite resistance. High-quality plywood is often produced with phenolic glue - a type of glue that has good moisture and water resistance, helping to protect the material from humid environmental factors. This is especially important in areas with high humidity or direct contact with water such as the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. Besides, the plywood production process is also often combined with chemicals to increase termite resistance, limiting attacks by harmful insects, which actually increases longevity and durability for product.

film face plywood   Film faced plywood

  • Diverse in size and type

Unlike natural wood, plywood has outstanding diversity in size and type, which brings more choices to users. You can easily find plywood panels of all thicknesses, from as thin as a few millimeters to tens of millimeters thick, suitable for all needs from furniture making to large construction projects. In addition, plywood can also be covered with different surface layers such as melamine, laminate or veneer, helping to increase the aesthetics and durability of the product. This really pleases designers and craftsmen because they can flexibly apply plywood in many different forms and styles.

  • Easy and flexible construction ability

Another strong point of plywood is its easy and flexible construction ability. With a uniform structure and flat surface, plywood is easily cut, drilled, polished, and joined without too much difficulty. In addition, plywood's good bending ability is also an advantage when it comes to creating curved structures or complex details. For example, in furniture production, constructing items such as cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs made of plywood not only saves time but also ensures high precision and durability for the finished product.

  • Reasonable price

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the reasonable price of plywood compared to many other materials. Compared to natural wood, the cost to produce and purchase plywood is often much more economical, while still ensuring superior properties in terms of durability, aesthetics and applicability. This makes plywood the optimal choice for those who want to get quality products without having to invest too much money.


Plywood, with its outstanding features in structure, durability, water resistance, flexibility in processing and environmental friendliness, deserves to be one of the top choices in the construction and furniture industry. the seventh. Through this article, we hope that you have had a more detailed overview of why plywood is so popular and popular. When studied more closely and applied properly, plywood not only meets technical requirements but also contributes to creating sustainable and beautiful buildings. If you need to use plywood, please contact us for the best price.


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