Vietnam plywood supplier - How to find the best supplier?

Posted by Đỗ Tiến Hải at 27/02/2022

Due to the increasing demand for plywood by consumers, there are now many suppliers on the market. Therefore, finding a really reputable and quality plywood supplier is an extremely difficult thing. That's why today TTP will introduce to you some criteria to choose a reputable and quality Vietnam plywood supplier

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1. Experience.

Because plywood production is labor intensive, it is extremely difficult to ensure stable plywood quality. Therefore, as a plywood supplier with many years of experience, there will be experienced workers and from there will be able to produce good and stable quality shipments.
2. Certificate
Not only plywood, but in any product, certification is an extremely important factor. To get a certificate, that business must go through many stages of rigorous testing and quality control. So this can also be considered an important factor in evaluating a business. Some popular certifications such as: TSCA TITLE VI, EPA, ISO 9001: 2015, CE – MARKETING, FSC – COC, ..

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3. Specifications
The specifications of plywood must be guaranteed by suppliers, not to have even the smallest error. If this information is not clear, suppliers will try to change the designed quality during negotiations
4. Freight forwarding
This is an extremely important factor for any customer. With global redundancy, the most important thing is to transport Paharm on time with the best container price.

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A reputable supplier can transport products through many different standard modes such as aviation, train cars, sea, ... Large freight network transport networks will have Can guarantee a reservation in any time. Therefore, customers will have many options and do not have to consume their resources for issues related to this conversion. It is all the important factors that we want to offer so that customers can find a prestigious and quality provider. Hope that after this article you will have more useful information before choosing a Vietnam plywood supplier to your business.


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