Posted by Trịnh Quang Anh at 14/06/2024

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine is a computer-controlled device that allows cutting, drilling and engraving operations with high precision. Cutting plywood with CNC machines brings many important and valuable benefits to plywood panels, ensuring quality and aesthetics. Below are the benefits that using CNC machines in plywood cutting brings:

1. High precision

CNC machines use computer-controlled technology, allowing plywood cutting with absolute precision. This ensures that the cut parts will be the perfect size and shape, matching the original design as accurately as possible.

2. High aesthetics and perfection

CNC machines are capable of creating smooth and regular cuts on the plywood surface, giving the final product a beautiful shape and surface. This is important in interior and decorative applications, where aesthetics play an important role.

3. Increase productivity and production efficiency

Using CNC machines helps increase productivity in the plywood production process. These machines can operate continuously and automatically, minimizing processing time compared to traditional manual methods.

4. Product durability and stability

Cutting plywood with CNC machines ensures that the products have high durability and stability. Precision-cut parts are less likely to warp and crack, thereby extending life and improving performance.

5. Flexibility in production

CNC technology allows mass production of plywood products of the same shape and size accurately and uniformly. This increases flexibility in the production process and meets changing market needs.

6. Minimize material waste

Thanks to precise programming and control, CNC machines help optimize material usage. This minimizes scrap and waste, thereby helping to save raw material costs during the production process.


Truong Thinh Company has demonstrated excellence in applying plywood cutting technology using CNC machines, notably with packaging plywood products, laminated plywood, film-coated plywood.... Through the use of Using CNC cutting machines, we are committed to providing customers with plywood panels with outstanding precision and aesthetics. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in plywood products to receive the best services.


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