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Natural wood is being harvested directly from perennial wood crops that have a high value and a good appearance. Natural wood is often used when crafting interior products with complex styles and eye-catching decorative patterns.

Advantages of natural wood

• Solid wood is highly durable, lifespan of product that made from natural wood can increase to hundreds of years

• Furniture products made from natural wood have the ability to maintain long-term aesthetic value. The natural color of wood creates a warm feeling, easily combined with different interior design styles. Solid wood grain never goes old-fashioned. Natural wood products, after a long time of use, just need to be painted or varnished and will become as beautiful as new.

• Natural wood has inherently effective resistance. Through the process of industrial impregnation and drying, wood materials are further reduced to a minimum state of rosiness and termites.

• Natural wood is heavy and hard. Thanks to its solid core, the products are sturdy, resistant to impact, bringing a sense of safety to the user.

• Another outstanding advantage of natural wood is that it is easy to shape. Craftsmen can engrave diverse texts and shapes as required on the wooden surface.

Disadvantages of natural wood

• Solid wood has rare raw materials and takes a lot of time and effort to fabricate due to its complication. Therefore, the price of natural wood furniture is often higher than other types of materials.

• Warping and shrinkage due to weather and environmental impacts are unavoidable when using natural wood furniture. This can reduce the lifespan and aesthetics of furniture in the room.


Plywood is the board that made of wood veneer boards in the same size stacked on top of each other. The edges of these wooden planks are placed perpendicular,  use a hydraulic press and Phenol or Formaldehyde glue to attach together.

Advantages of Plywood natural wood plywood

• Plywood is an environmentally friendly natural wood plywood. Plywood boards use wood pulp from short-term trees to avoid affecting primary forests and ecosystems.

• The layers of plywood are arranged interwoven to help limit shrinkage and warping due to the influence of weather and temperature.

• To distinguished from natural wood, plywood has a smooth surface, easy to adhere and can choose from a variety of coatings.

• Plywood has a lower price than other types of industrial wood

Disadvantages of Plywood natural wood plywood

• Plywood consists of thin wooden board glued together so it is not very durable and is easily deformed when heavy objects or sharp heels press on it.

• Plywood has not good water resistance. Wooden boards can peel and blister when soaked in water for a long time

• Plywood boards are made from flammable materials and have poor fire resistance


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