Posted by Trịnh Quang Anh at 01/06/2024

Painting the edges of plywood is a step in the production process by maintaining the waterproofing function and increasing the aesthetics of the wood product. Painting the edges of plywood helps protect the plywood from moisture, mold, and termites, while also creating a beautiful, durable paint layer that helps avoid unwanted scratches on the product. To better understand why it is necessary to paint plywood edges, we will go into detail about each aspect of this issue:

1. Protection:  When using plywood to make furniture or other construction projects, protecting the wood surface from the outside environment is very important. Painting the edges of plywood helps prevent water and steam from penetrating inside the wood, helping to prolong the life of the product and avoid moisture problems such as mold and termites.

2. Increase aesthetics: Painting the edges of plywood also helps create a beautiful paint layer for the product, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood and making the product more luxurious. Not only is it a protective layer, plywood edge paint also helps highlight the product, making it more unique and attractive in the eyes of consumers.

3. Ensure high durability: When painting plywood edges properly, the product will be more durable during use. High-quality paint helps resist impacts and scratches from external impacts, thereby helping to protect the product from damage and ensure a long life.

edge-painted plywood   edge-painted plywood

Film face painted edges   Film face painted edges

In short, painting plywood edges is not only a protective measure but also increases the aesthetics and durability of the product.

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