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LVL is often used in the system of making frames and beams of houses. In large construction projects such as high-rise buildings, this type of artificial wood is also trusted. Besides, laminated veneer lumber can also be used to produce furniture such as creating edges for tables, chairs, cabinets. clothes or bookshelves.

Although the quality is still inferior to natural wood, LVL also possesses some outstanding characteristics thanks to controlled specifications. Typically, the structure is firm and hard, with uniformity between products.

Common sawn timber often has defects in the knoths and wood grain, which causes stress reduction during usage. However, those shortcomings are completely overcome on LVL, because it is thinly sliced ​​and arranged in many layers, so it is very durable.

If customer has a requirement for the length, LVL can completely meet. This will be a good alternative to iron and concrete, two materials commonly used for long spans in construction.

This feature has also been certified by a number of European and North American countries.

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